Unconscious Uncouplings by Megan Fellows

Directed by Kasia Różycki

Starring: Rosie Spivey, Keir Carroll, Nik Salmon, Lizzie Davies, Louis Cardona, Olivia Emden

Performed at the Arts Theatre West End and The Proud Archivist

Produced by Paperback Pictures (Arts) and Drift Theatre (TPA)

Part of A Foot in the Door (Arts) and Drift Shop


'Unconscious Uncouplings' is grounded in identity. It explores the different roles that people take on when they are in a romantic relationship. From the naïve lovers to the unrequited lovers, the old married couple to the pair matched on Tinder, each couple is different but shares one common thread – these relationships will inevitably end. Unconscious Uncouplings explores the transitory nature of modern relationships, with each pairing’s relationship falling apart in front of the characters and the audiences very eyes. These couples are unconsciously uncoupling...