The Kicking District by Christine Roberts
Directed by Kasia Różycki

Starring: Kiran Sonia Sawar, Eleanor Dillon-Reams, Vanessa Young-Martins, Bridget Mastrocola, Steve Mace
Performed at the Bread and Roses Theatre

Part of the UNHEARD Festival


The play focuses on the experiences of four women from very different backgrounds and age-spans. In the early scenes each woman represents a particular feature of the face. By focusing on the language of violence and not the direct emotion the play emphasises the revulsion and randomness of domestic abuse and attacks.


UNHEARD is a unique new writing festival exploring themes around sexual abuse and violence. The Festival will feature 12 events spread over four days and includes scratch performances of new short plays, rehearsed readings of new one-act and full length plays as well as a spoken word event and a one-woman-show. Furthermore, UNHEARD will also be presented in combination with three V-Day benefit performances of The Vagina Monologues.


Photo Credit: Ricardo Correira

UNHEARD Festival - Poster
UNHEARD Festival - Poster