Schrödinger's Cat by LP Harrison

Directed by Kasia Różycki

Starring: Sian Hill

Performed at the Bread and Roses Theatre

Tues 12th - Sat 16th July

Produced by Goblin Baby Theatre Company

Part of 'Alone Inside The Box'

'I'm a bit nervous to be honest. Because, although it is noble… and beautiful. To die for someone's beliefs. There's just... So much I haven’t seen. Outside this little neighbourhood... This little box…'

ALONE INSIDE THE BOX - A collection of boxed up tales about our messed up world. In a series of monologues Goblin Baby Theatre Co. explores what it means to be on your own with your thoughts in our contemporary world. From comedy to tragedy, from abstract to literal, these are thought-provoking stories of characters, sometimes stuck in an actual box, sometimes in a metaphorical one, sometimes both.


'First up is Sian Hill, playing the loyal feline in ‘Schrodinger’s Cat’. Writer Liam Patrick Harrison explores the abuse of power in relationships, as well as delivering an apparently tangential blow to vivisectionists anywhere. The absurdity of the cat’s position provides the perfect backdrop, the sparkling humour is well-paced, thanks to Kasia Rozycki’s confident direction. '

Laura Thomas, Pub Theatres1

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