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Monthly New Writing Scrach Nights

Short plays directed by Kasia Różycki:

          'If You Are Afraid of Wolves' by Cicelly Gill

          'Don't Forget to Put a Kiss on a Meat' by Heloise Thual

          'Broken Teeth Queen and the Paper Tigers' by Heloise Thual

Performed at the CCA, Playwrights' Studio Scotland

Photo Credit: Scott Cadenhead

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Pet Shop by Morna Pearson

Directed by Kasia Rozycki

Starring: Kim Allan, Pauline Knowles, Atta Yaqub, Scott Miller

Performed at the Traverse Theatre

Part of the Director's Cut


'What do you get when you give one ten-minute play to a handful of different directors? Very contrasting performances of the same text. […] For this inaugural event award-winning Channel 4 Writer-in-Residence, Morna Pearson, has written a mini world premiere, titled Pet Shop. Watch as five different directors bring this new work to the stage for the first time and give life to Morna's words in their own unique and personal ways. One story; five storytellers.' [Traverse Theatre website]


[Traverse Theatre Tumblr]: Kasia Rozycki was another of the five directors taking part in our first ever Directors’ Cut. Here’s how she enjoyed the experience: 'Directors’ Cut inaugural event was incredibly exciting. Unlike a conventional new writing rehearsal process, this time the playwright was not present in the room. The directors were encouraged to make bold choices and express their creative ideas in a unique way.  As a recent graduate from an MA Directing programme, I was delighted to have been given this splendid opportunity to present my own directing style and bring my own vision to the Traverse Theatre stage. This event also enabled me to develop professional connections with the actors and other directors.

It was fascinating to watch the other directors’ interpretations and I was greatly surprised at how contrasting they all were. I would like to congratulate all the artists involved in the project and thank them for making it so brilliant. Special thanks must go to Morna Pearson for trusting the directors and letting us come up with our own concepts.'



Write It!

New Writing Scrach Nights

Short plays directed by Kasia Rozycki:

          'Hey Joe' by Ewan Park

          'List of Things to Be and Do' by Margaret Callaghan

          'A Geek Tragedy' by Alan Bayley

          'God's Fir' by Vlad Butucea

          'The Hairdresser' by Ewan Park

          'Checkout' by Graham de Banzie

          'Out of Order' Alan Gillespie

          'Have You Seen My Dog' by Elaine Farmer

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