2019    Producer (JR Events) of Cohen / Cave (concert) at the Polish Hearth, London South Kensington

2019    Co-Producer (JR Events) of The Journey (Droga) at the Polish Hearth, London South Kensington

2018    Co-producer (JR Events) of 'The Last Witness' (movie screening) at the White Eagle Club and Polish Hearth

2018    Co-producer (JR Events) of 'KMN' at the Theatre POSK

2018    Executive & Creative Producer (Off The Cliff) of 'Metamorphoses 2' at the Waterloo East Theatre

2017    Co-Producer (Off The Cliff) of 'The Mysterious Gentleman' at The Courtyard Theatre  

2017    Executive & Creative Producer (Off The Cliff) of 'Metamorphoses' at the Bread and Roses Theatre 

2017    Associate Producer of 'Reality As Written' (multi-disciplinary event at The Attic Hackney PH)

2016    Associate Producer of 'Imprisoned' (double-bill of plays by Marie Hale at the Barons Court Theatre)