My Limbo by Ian Watson

Directed by Kasia Różycki

Starring: Becky Wright, Chloe Wigmore, Martin Rossen

Performed at the LOST Theatre

Part of the One Act Festival


Gordon has been in Hell (the actual Hell where torture is gratefully received) for 20 years. He is, as he was in life, a scheming, amoral git and he’s found a loophole in the system and managed to blag the role of ‘guide’ for his widow, Iris who is dying as the play opens. A guide arranges a person’s ‘Limbo’ - a familiar stopping off place where the dead are greeted by a loved one and given a minute to get over their death before they head off for an eternity in one of two places, hopefully ‘Upstairs’. Iris was a lovely person so her final destination is guaranteed but Gordon is hoping she will take him upstairs with her as her ‘loved one’. What he doesn’t realize is that the last 20 years have seen Iris grow into a very different person from the push-over that he cheated on. Now she’s calling the shots.