Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Directed by Gordon Barr

Assistant Director: Kasia Dzięglewska (Różycki)

Performed in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens 


The war is over and Don Pedro’s soldiers relax at the household of Leonato, preparing for the wedding of Hero and Claudio. Meanwhile Benedick and Bertram refuse to acknowledge their obvious attraction for each other, leaving it up to their friends and family to bring these reluctant lovers together. But in the midst of all the romantic fun, dark storm clouds are gathering and a sinister plot is afoot which will test everyone’s loyalties.

Shakespeare’s wittiest comedy gets a thoroughly modern makeover as two of his most famous characters are recreated as male couple Benedick and Bertram and this, the original rom com, is given a very 21st century twist. []


Photo Credit: Jennifer Dick













Classic Cuts: Volpone by Ben Jonson

Adapted and directed by Andy Clark

Assistant Director: Kasia Dzięglewska (Różycki)

Starring: Stephen Clyde, Edward Kingham, Kirstin MacLean and Harry Ward.

Performed at the Oran Mor (Glasgow)


What a rare punishment is avarice to itself’

The old magnifico Volpone, wealthy and heirless, feigns illness and, with the help of his parasite Mosca, dupes three greedy sycophants to his house who lavish him with gifts, each hoping to become the beneficiary of his huge fortune. But as his scheming become more and more elaborate, Volpone’s web of deceit leads to a darkly comic chain of events appearing as farcical as it is shocking.

A merciless satire of greed and lust, Volpone is considered one of the finest Jacobean comedies and remains one of Jonson’s best-loved and frequently performed plays.













All's Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare

Directed by Bill Wright

Assistant Director: Kasia Dzięglewska (Różycki)

Performed at the AGOS Studio (RCS) by MA CCT Acting Students















Margaret and Ken and the End of the World by Sean Hardie

Directed by Ron Bain

Assistant Director: Kasia Dzięglewska (Różycki)

Starring: Anne Lacey and Greg Powrie.

Performed at the Oran Mor (Glasgow)


This bagwoman walks into a psychiatrist’s office. Napoleon’s just left, Cleopatra’s due in half an hour. Margaret thinks she’s God, and she’s depressed. She wants Ken to give her one good reason not to end it all. Not just herself – life, the universe, everything.Nae problem, pal. Have a seat...